Canmore Sunflower
Walking Myself Home

Somewhere along the path I sat down and didn’t budge. I rested. I slept.

I let the other “me” walk alone down the path. That “me” wasn’t fully developed. She wasn’t that wise.

She drifted, was pulled from her path by shiny objects and shiny situations. She made decisions without wisdom. She continually felt lost, abandoned and not herself. Something or someone was missing. 

That “me” stopped and paused and began a new journey down hidden narrow tree framed path. This time it twisted and drifted back into familiar territory. “I remember that tree, that bird”.

And there sleeping peacefully was her soul. Her original self. She reached down and softly brushed my hair from my face with love, dignity and peace.

The two merged and began again. This time with age, beauty, patience and wisdom. With trust. 

I begin again. Anew. Many possibilities. Dreams to fulfill. Openness. Embracing.


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